Navigating Belonging In The Workplace

Wednesday, November 10th
12:00PM PT
Natasha Bowman
Nicole Herrera
Dr. Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Cultivating a sense of belonging in the workplace is a fundamental part of creating a better workforce for the future. A common theme amongst corporations is adapting so they are not only driving business goals, but also ensuring that the workplace puts a focus on providing employees with a sense of belonging within the organization.

But where do you begin? And what does it truly mean to put this into practice? This session is not just about the “why” but it is about the “how”.

Learn & Inspire

Before we can inspire change, it is important to understand what "belonging" looks like in the workplace. (remote, hybrid or in-person)

Creating a Roadmap

Integrating DEIB takes planning, time, consistent intentional action. You’ll learn how to develop an actionable approach to influencing change.

Changing the Culture

Lead the way in change by motivating  and inspiring those around you. We’ll help you understand what steps you can take so your DEIB plans come to fruition.

About The Hosts

Natasha Bowman
Global Diversity and Inclusion Architect

Recognized as a Top 30 Global Guru for Management, TedX speaker, and author, Natasha Bowman, JD, SPHR has labored to transform the American workplace from the inside out for nearly 20 years. As a champion for employees, she’s worked with a broad range of organizations as a c-suite HR executive to create an engaging environment where employees are respected, genuine leaders are cultivated, and top performance is achieved. Natasha is an award-winning, modern day pioneer of workplace equality, inspiring organizations to not just pay lip service to workplace rights but craft highly-engaged cultures where every employee is truly dignified and valued for their contribution. Because of her ability to diagnose workplace issues and provide proven solutions to organizations, she is often referred to as The Workplace Doctor.

Nicole Herrera
Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Google
A speaker, educator, and advocate for women of color and BIPOC, Nicole has worked in tech for 10 years. She has developed programs advancing representation & inclusion, helping brands like Google understand diverse demographics to improve their community outreach with Black and Latinx users in the US and Latin America. She sits on the Board of Latinas in Tech, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting and empowering Latinas in the Tech industry.  Nicole has a degree in Latin American Studies, bringing an interdisciplinary view to her work based in a deep historical and cultural understanding. Nicole recently founded her company Her Era which came from a desire to change the current narrative and help eliminate barriers she has experienced firsthand in many spaces.
Dr. Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn
Educator, Speaker, and Professional Learning Facilitator

 Dr. Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn has an M.A. in Social Justice and Education from University College London’s Institute of Education and an Ed.D. from Johns Hopkins University. She is an educator, speaker, and professional learning facilitator. Sarah has experience teaching at both the secondary and elementary levels and in 2011 was named Teacher of the Year at Lakeside Upper Elementary School in Lake Village, Arkansas. As a teacher educator, Sarah’s areas of focus have included classroom culture, social identity, and diversity, equity and inclusiveness. She has designed and facilitated learning experiences with schools and districts across the country and with organizations including Learning for Justice, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and NY Times Student Travel. Sarah is known for creating and developing learning experiences that are engaging, meaningful and oriented towards action.

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