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LAM Research


Lam Research and AccessElite have teamed up to provide you with a year of well-being programming exclusive for all employees. We’re on a mission to ensure your physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness are of top priority. Check out the calendar of events below and register for each event to reserve your spot!

Upcoming Events

Each quarter all events available for Lam Research employees will be listed below. Please use the link below each event to reserve your spot!

  • 2022 Well-being Events
November 17 | 4:00PM PT

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Mental Health and Lifestyle Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes

Join us for Mental Health and Lifestyle Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes with Dr. Maggie Quinn, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor that practices at the University of California Irvine Health.
Mental health and lifestyle affect every aspect of your health. It is no wonder that the way you care for your brain and the ways you take action in your lifestyle affect your body's ability to handle prediabetes and diabetes. Join us for an informational session about techniques that you can use in your life to encourage mental health and healthy lifestyle choices. 


November 30 | 12:00PM PT

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Diet and Macronutrients for Blood Sugar Regulation

If you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or just looking to take care of your future self and maintain a healthy blood sugar, this is the session for you! Join an AccessElite Wellness professional as they discuss the proper diet and macro-nutrients to improve blood sugar regulation. This session will help you understand what foods and diet types work best for your body as well as macro-nutrients that you do not want to miss in your daily meals. Take control of your health by fueling your body with nutritious foods!