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Catch any live sessions from Live Well Global Health Fair - A Virtual Health Fair.


EAP- Global

EAP Awareness session – to provide employees with an overview of their Employee Assistance Program, what it is -  the services available - the issues the EAP can provide help with, - how to access help and employees confidentiality.

Working Woman: Finding the Balance Between Work and Family Anyone raising a family and working a full-time job understands the demand upon time and energy. How do you satisfy all the needs and wants placed upon you without jeopardizing the other calls for your attention? This presentation will address the priorities, strategies, and mindsets necessary to win this tug of war.
Working Parents Workshop Do you find it difficult to put your entire attention into a full-time job while simultaneously tending to your children? This session will provide you the structural foundation for making working and parenthood a piece of cake. Learning practical ways to change your routine to prioritize everybody's needs, including your own, is important for everybody's success and happiness. These time management and relationship skills are essential for working parents!
Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention During this session, we will go over the signs of cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke’s as well as understand the differences between men and women’s symptoms and how to prevent heart disease through lifestyle changes.
Care.com (US Only)

A representative from Care.com will provide an overview of your family care benefits provided by Care.com, walk you through how to enroll, and answer your questions. The webinar will cover how you can:

  • Utilize the Care.com benefit to find care for your family and household

  • Use Child and Adult Backup Care, and Senior Care Solutions to find care for your family

  • Find additional resources to help with your family care needs

What is Whole 30

How's your relationship with food? Do you know what foods affect you negatively, maybe causing bloating, abdominal pain, joint pain, acne, hormone imbalances? The Whole30 program may be able to help! The Whole30 is a dietary reset program designed to help change one’s health, habits, and relationship with food. It’s a structured food elimination and reintroduction protocol, which is what many dietitians and doctors recognize as the gold standard to identify potentially problematic foods. This reset allows the body to “heal” itself and reestablish an equilibrium that can improve gut health, promote hormonal balance, and decrease systemic inflammation commonly known to cause an array of diseases and conditions that disrupt daily life.

The Asian Cooking Experience

Considering how delicious many Asian dishes are, it may be surprising that the main focus of Asian diets is to create wellness. Many ancient Asian traditions are rooted in concepts of whole-body wellness with a focus on the idea that food is medicine. In this session, your team will be introduced to the basics of Asian cooking through a cooking demo!

Dueling Pianos

Don't stop believing...Hold on to that feeeeeeeling! The camaraderie of singing along with friends at a live Dueling Piano show is hard to top. This amazing show consists of two grand pianos and two charismatic, hilarious entertainers behind the keys who are ready to engage and entertain the audience.

Fitness Workout

Train your muscular and cardiovascular system by joining the Live Well Fitness Team as they lead a unique, team workout implementing each of their training specialties into one training session. Participants can expect to complete exercises related to but not limited to strength, calisthenics, kickboxing and High Intense Interval Training during this workout.

MetLife (US Only)

During this session, you will learn about the new and Supplemental Health benefits available to you.  New for 2022, you and your dependents may enroll in the Accident and Hospital Indemnity plans which provide a benefit payment in the event of an accident or hospitalization, whether due to accident, sickness, or childbirth.  You can also learn about the newly enhanced Critical Illness plan which has been upgraded to include an increased benefit maximum and additional covered illnesses including Parkinson’s, Coma, Paralysis, and COVID-19 (after 5 days hospitalization).  Plus, with Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity plans, you and your enrolled dependents are eligible for an annual $50 Health Screening Benefit for receiving one of many preventive tests.

Mind Mastery

Join Olympic medal winner Goldie Sayers, as she shares her journey in athletics and discusses how to achieve your dreams! In this session, you will be introduced to the key high-performance factors that are common in every area of life in order to be successful, remain motivated with a consistently positive attitude, plus many of the lessons learned during a 15-year career in a professional sport. This session will provide you with the tools you need to increase your confidence, maintain motivation, cultivate resilience, set, stay on track and achieve your goals, and how to set up your day in the best possible way to achieve your goals. Simply bring yourself, six post-it notes and a pen and paper.

One Medical (US Only)

Join us for an overview of your One Medical benefit, which includes access to high-level primary care whenever you need it.  Enjoy same/next day appointments that start on time as well as free on-demand care 24/7 right from your phone.  In addition to an overview of this great benefit, we'll walk you through how to enroll yourself and your family, navigating the app, and accessing the 100+ convenient locations.  

Arag (US Only)

Legal insurance gives you the confidence to address a wide range of legal matters like creating a will, resolving a dispute with a contractor or dealing with a speeding ticket.  With ARAG you’ll receive legal advice and representation that is 100% paid-in-full for most covered legal matters when you work with an ARAG network attorney.  Join us for a webinar to learn more about your legal insurance and the new benefits being added to the plan starting January 1, 2022.

Managing Race Related Stress

Discrimination based on race is something that many people struggle with on a daily basis. This session is designed to help you and your employees identify these stressors and encourage your team to strive for equality across the board. Many people that have never personally experienced race-related stress, have a hard time understanding their role and ability to uplift discriminated groups. This session makes concepts around racial bias comprehensible for everyone while uniting your team for the most attentively respectful workplace possible. You don't want to miss this! 


Join us for an exercise session that will improve the strength and flexibility of your entire body! A regular practice of pilates can help you prevent injuries, lose weight, and develop a mind-body connection through the engagement of your core muscles, lower back, hips, and buttocks. Pilates exercises focus on lengthening and expanding these major muscle groups instead of bunching them up, allowing you to grow longer and leaner. This pilates session is great for beginners and fitness fanatics alike.

Virtual Massage - Relaxation and Rejuvenation Techniques

We all deserve some relaxation. Learn from one of our providers how to relieve stress and pain by massaging muscles to increase relaxation from your home or wherever you are.

Food and Mood

Food not only affects your physical body but also your mental state. In this session, a Holistic Nutritionist will help you better understand how your food choices affect your mood. This session will also address the why's of cravings and discuss strategies to overcome them. You will walk away from this engaging talk with a better understanding of your body and learn a lifestyle program to help regulate your food and in turn your mood.

VSP – Vision Care (US Only)

VSP provides vision benefits to members and their dependents. These benefits include two options a base plan and an enhanced plan, review both plans to determine which eye care plan is best for you and your family.

Virgin Pulse

Join Virgin Pulse representative Ryan Moore for a presentation on how to access and utilize the Virgin Pulse platform to experience a more personalized path to well-being. The platform focuses on your individual needs and goals. Whatever your objectives—sleeping better, stressing less, being more active, feeling more energized—Virgin Pulse helps you take small steps that can lead to big changes and rewards.

Earn points on the platform towards your quarterly wellness incentive (600 points in the Above and Beyond employee recognition platform. Silfex employees receive a Live Well prize for reaching Level 4 in Virgin Pulse.). Note: Award points and redemption values are adjusted by location to ensure an equitable reward experience for employees around the world.)

Working Within Our Limitations

Understanding how to prioritize your needs and limitations in the workplace is essential, especially for those living with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Join us to learn how to set clear and realistic goals for work-from-anywhere businesses founded by those living with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Being inclusive of all employees is essential for every business. 

Kaiser (US Only)

Join us for an overview presentation on your California and North West Kaiser Permanente benefits. And learn more about your membership perks.

Sutter Health (US Only)

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that is true for your health.  Most health problems we encounter today are much more effectively treated if caught early and with our understanding of the risk factors that lead to many common health problems, you can take steps today to reduce your risk of illness in the future.  During this presentation, Sutter Health will share tips on how to reduce your risk and how they are improving access to the key primary and preventive care services you need to stay at your best.

New Balance: The Right Shoe For The Right Activity

Join Jennifer Wong, a certified shoe fitter and certified Corporate Wellness Specialist from New Balance as she discusses the importance of annual footwear measurements and what to expect when you get properly fitted at a specialty store in your area. She will also discuss shoe technology innovations and the importance of performance socks, apparel and answer the question of when are insoles needed. She will finish up the presentation with a fun list of unique activities to try.

Delta Dental (US Only)

Delta Dental will be providing information on why dental coverage matters, an update on COVID-19 and dentistry, a high-level review of your dental benefits, and dental plan resources. 

Veteran's Support and Communication in the Workplace

Veterans have made incredible sacrifices so that we can live with the comfort that we are safe and free. Those who have dedicated their lives to serving this country deserve to be rewarded with every accommodation possible when reintegrating into the workplace separate from the military. This session was designed to help employees support the assimilation of veterans in the workplace with communication, awareness, and empathy. This session will help your team uplift the veterans that are part of your work family and encourage team building. 

Immune Boosting Foods/Immune Nutrition

You are what you eat, which is why it is crucial to maximize the proper nutrition in your daily diet! You will leave this event feeling empowered and ready to apply helpful tips on how to consistently eat healthy during times of change. Hear from a professional Nutritionist on how simple ingredients in easy-to-make meals, can help kick-start and strengthen your immune system!

Magic Show

Invite your family or friends for an interactive magic show like you’ve never seen before. Through this magician’s performance, you will see that we are much more connected than you think, even during this time at home!

Nutrition and Mindfulness for Stress

Regardless of your situation, everyone deals with some level of stress. Stress can be difficult to manage, especially with a busy schedule and your body already receives a fair load of stress from external sources. This session dives into our internal stress, specifically what you eat – or don’t eat – that is contributing to your overall stress. A Nutritional Therapist will discuss the best nutrients you can add to your diet to help you manage stress. This session will also guide you through a mindfulness exercise that will help manage day-to-day stress and improve your overall quality of life!

Create Your Own Herb and Vegetable Garden

Gardening is one of the most relaxing and grounding activities that you can practice for yourself. In this session, a gardening professional will walk through the basics of creating your very own herb garden. How incredible would it be to harvest fresh parsley to top your pasta or fresh basil for a pizza? From soil quality to ideal harvesting conditions, this session will provide you insight to help you create a flourishing herb garden to grab goodies from every day. The rewards of growing your own food are endless; join us to learn how you can begin in your own back yard!

Mindfulness and Combating Fear

With the stresses of daily life, it can be difficult to resist fearing the future. This session will help you understand how fear is all about perception. We will be discussing how to mindfully overcome your fears and uncertainties so that you can live your most fulfilling life.

EAP (US Only)

This session will include a brief introduction of EAP services via telephone, virtual, Online website and Onsite EAP Services and how to assess.  As well as a brief introduction to WorkLife Services, Financial and Legal Resources will be provided.

CVS (US Only)

In this session, you will be provided a brief overview of Lam's Pharmacy Benefits and key items related to the plan, including CVS Target Pharmacies.

Anthem - Sydney Health Mobile App (US Only)

Anthem’s Sydney Health Mobile App – Find out about your benefits;  Find a doctor; Track your fitness. It’s personalized and easy! With Sydney Health, you can find everything you need to know about your medical benefits all in one place. Sydney Health makes it easier to get things done, so you can spend more time focused on your health.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi, also known as meditation in motion, is one of the oldest forms of group exercise on the planet. In this session, you will learn exercises from Qi Gong. This combination of traditional exercises can be done in any order, at any time of the day, and without equipment. Feel invigorated, more energized, and more balanced from this natural choreographic flow of wellness.

Yoga with Judy

Join Yoga instructor Judy Lee as she leads participants through full-body, essential yoga exercises that promotes strength and flexibility in your body. Participants can expect an emphasis on simplicity and ease of movement.

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Living in an environmentally friendly way is becoming increasingly important. In this session, you will learn all about eco-friendly products, materials to avoid, and cleaning tricks to keep your kitchen sanitary. Join us to learn facts and info about how single-use kitchen items and chemicals are detrimental to the environment. You will leave with tips and tricks to switch those products our for better, lasting ones that minimize environmental impacts.

Tune in to Live Well: Somatic Therapy

Join us live for a talk show with your Live Well team as they cover the topic of Somatic Therapy! Somatic therapy is a unique form of alternative therapy that focuses on the mind-body connection to help relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental and physical trauma related health problems.

Optum Financial (US Only)

This session will provide an overview of the account options offered by ConnectYourCare, now a part of Optum Financial.  This includes Health Savings Accounts, HSA Advance, Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts, Dependent Care FSAs, Lam Research’s Lifestyle Reimbursement Account, and Commuter and Parking benefits.

T-Shirt Upcycling

Are you striving to reduce your waste and make the most out of what material items you already have? Join us to learn how to create a sturdy and unique plant hanger to make any room brighter. Reducing consumption, reusing items, and recycling or repurposing them is a great practice to help you live a more sustainable life. Bring an old t-shirt and your creativity to craft a piece that will bring life into your favorite sunny spaces!

Materials Needed:



Small Potted Plant

Kid's Paint Party

Join us for a fun Kids' Paint Party! A Professional Artist will guide your children step-by-step through the creation of a Palm Springs Flamingo. This session is recommended for ages 6 and up, but all are welcome. You can purchase supplies ahead of time or feel free to improvise and use whatever you have available at home, be it markers, crayons, or even nail polish!